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The Story of CHIKUHODO

All of CHIKUHODO’s brushes are carefully handmade in the renowned city of Kumano, a longtime epicenter of Japanese brush making. Drawing from this rich history, CHIKUHODO practices the age-old brush-making techniques of “Mensou-fude.” In the past, these ancient techniques guided Japanese artisans in drawing the finest and most delicate of lines on the faces of small dolls. Today, CHIKUHODO seeks to bring this same dedication to precision and detail to each and every brush.

CHIKUHODO has become the first choice in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of cosmetics brushes in Japan, supplying companies like SUQQU with unparalleled designs. CHIKUHODO has also established itself as a name among many professional makeup artists and Japanese cosmetics companies such as SHISEIDO, Kanebo, and KOSE. By poising itself to anticipate the needs of both individuals and companies, CHIKUHODO is ready not only to create the best cosmetics bushes in the industry but also to cultivate long-lasting relationships.