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KZ-8 Eyeshadow
KZ-7 Eyeshadow

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An ideal beginner’s set that covers the essentials of any beauty routine, discover why each of these bestselling brushes are a Visage favorite.

  - FO-1 Powder
  - Z‐8 Cheek
  - KZ-6 Eyeshadow
  - KZ-8 Eyeshadow or KZ-7 Eyeshadow
Font: If Times New Roman is selected, text will appear as follows: all uppercase letters. If Amazone BT is selected, text will appear as follows: first letter in uppercase, the remaining letters in lowercase. Handles cannot be inscribed with accent marks, punctuation marks, or symbols outside of the Latin or Japanese alphabet.
Number of Letters / Characters
  Latin Alphabet Japanese Characters
Long Handle Up to 16 Up to 8
Short Handle Up to 10 Up to 5

Spaces dividing words are counted as one letter.

$2.00 engraving fee per brush

*Engraving fees cannot be processed unless you select a quantity.

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